smoke test

here is a little test with simple partilce-2d.sprites and the new renderman version…
the sprites render very fast and without clipping like the hardware render in maya… cool!

Published by Heri
I am digital artist and technical director at Industrial Light & Magic. I am writing/scripting software, light and render shots, create simulation for water/fire effects and all kind of FX. High complex visual effects are my favorite problems for solving it. In my free time, i am also practice a lots of modeling, sculpting, 2d painting, live painting and writing novels. I like travel around the world and married to beautiful wife and a proud i am a father. I’ve started my career as Eletric-Specialist. I’ve decided to turn my hobby into a job and join film industry. first, i work on germans first full features animation movie and lots of other projects in Germany and london follows. In 2008, i’ve moved to New Zealand to work on James Cameron “Avatar”, a long, great and fun project ! After this, my journey brought me from Sydney, Austrailia, Los Angeles to Vancouver, Canada. I have worked for companies like Weta, Dreamworks Animation, Animal Logic, Digital Domain.

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