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houdini waterfall levelset 1 setup

thats idea for an setup which i had back in avatar days when was working on the waterfall sequences. the waterfall setup in houdini is much easier. the data in houdini is much better to control. i am using 2d version of mountian texture to drive the mass and the velocity of the particles. i am faking air pressure with same vop pop operations. the result is pretty fast and under good control, i get the shape which i wanted.  the color show different level like density, pressure etc…

the next step is feed all the data into mantra rendering. mantra works wuite well but for close of water  –> i need a fast raytarcer like modo or vray. that will my next step. with current simulation setup i can push the details to the level i needed at still pretty fast sim times.

(its little slow, just realize the paramters –> final output should have the correct speed)

2 responses to “houdini waterfall levelset 1 setup

  1. whycometomyhomne December 12, 2011 at 7:44 am

    very cool! How did you fake air pressure in vop pop? Can you share some threads ?Tanks very much.

  2. Heribert Raab December 16, 2011 at 12:37 am

    the setup is pretty simple. but to explain you need know how waterfall looks like. the key is to study visual behavior of falling water, after this its easy the recreate with force fields or fluids solver the same effect. maybe i will write a tutorial about this, if i have time one day.

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