fracture shader

i’ve played around with shaders in houdini and pick up an old idea, which one of my last productions. a displacement shader for fracture pieces. this shader allows me to use pre-fracture geo and add extra displacement only in inside structure without adding high polycount to my geo. this works really good for concrete surfaces. […]

footdust rig concept

a while ago i did a setup in houdini for footdust and ground interaktion dust. i’ve created emitter geo from intersection of foot/object with the ground. a simple attribute transfer did the job. the dust direction is control by black cube on left corner. on my emitter ego, i’ve used a VOP-SOP network to add […]


fire demon setup

i´ve started a private project… i trying to build a action scene with a heavenly fluids driven character. the Inspiration comes form concepts books of warcraft tradings card (by blizzard entertainment) and dungeon and dragons monster books. here is the rig for the character, the shape of body are complete created with maya fluids. the […]


dynamic character rigs

this little test animation of 2 character i had build for the animated movie “l.ssi und der w.ilde k.aiser ” (copyright by i´ve done the concept and modeling of the characters. for the animation team, i created a character-rig which allows working in realtime speed including dynamics. the default transform and morphs for facial […]

fx-scene: car-crash

here is short previz of a crash-scene….thats i want to realize in xsi… i had this idea from the ps2 game burn out… bzw the camera is just for tests……  


Kaluka hina fish crowds

for this, i had only few rendered fishes as one layer. i´ve created the hole fishschool with one layer. i had “reused” the same layer a lot of time and change color,speed, movements to create a believable crowd of fishes. in the final dome theater the crowd swim around the camera/viewer. check out the shake […]


livin´g beatbox

here are same shots from the “livi g beatbox “music video. it was on the cycle on MTV2. done by 5 man in 5 week. external link lightrays external link 93grad external link sebs corner