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maya sprites rendertest in arnold and rendeman

its a simple render test of maya sprites in arnold and renderman Studio. it uses a simple noise pattern on a 2d ramp with 2d ramp displacement. one simple noise plugged into a ramp can give a really complex shading behaviour. the extreme displacement come from a simple ramp, this give the smoke more depth.


maya sprite test from Heribert Raab on Vimeo.

rendering maya fluids with motion blur using particles part 1

rendering Fluids as dense Particle cloud is common practice. the Krakatoa plus for maya or 3dmax is based on this concept. even without this plugin, you render the particles as point in maya hardware render or as clouds in maya software renderer or mental ray. the advantance: fast render times and most important –> motion blur !

this how it the particles look like:

on the right side i switched to software clouds mode and used radiusPP over lifetime


just place the emitter over your fluids emitter

set up the particle shape and use mayafluids as flied:

motion vector for fluids in Maya / Mental Ray

a while ago, i did some tests for calculating motion vector from maya fluids and override the fluids color to render a motion vector pass in mental ray. i wrote python script and it work very well but the motion vector math in python took 15-40 minutes pre re.  on positiv side it works with all kind of renderer, even the old school hardware render buffer.

Th result itself was good, it Fluids looking much better in motion,  when they are motion blurred.

matching CGI smoke with real smoke

for this shot i had to add extra smoke to live action smoke. the part which looks not real is actually the “real” smoke and real-looking smoke is CG. :) the smoke on right-hand side is mixed real smoke and CG smoke. the green smoke out of the mouth is real, as well.

dragon fire

2 shot from lilli the witch

same maya fluids simulation i did, rendered in mentalray and comped in shake.

fire demon final simulation

finally there is the final settings for fire fluids…. i am starting how to create the final animation scenes for this character….

fire demon testshot

here quick testshot with the fire demon… to see how it works in production… still there are same bugs in rig to fix and the character needs a lot of fine tunning and i have working on look… the background was created with my own particle tools in maya which i build a couple weeks ago…

fire demon setup

i´ve started a private project… i trying to build a action scene with a heavenly fluids driven character. the Inspiration comes form concepts books of warcraft tradings card (by blizzard entertainment) and dungeon and dragons monster books. here is the rig for the character, the shape of body are complete created with maya fluids.

the rig controls every movment and extra keyable control´s for fire-speed, flamesize and extra release fire to get more expression out of the character. i´ve seperate the fire into 30 different fluids containers to keep the cache small and get more control over the character shapes, i also have reorganzied the caches-system to knock down the size of the caches files again for each shot. now, with cached fluids the character can easy animated and the viewport feedback is not too bad.

fire fluids research

this is a test of mayafluids fire for differents projects …
its a rebuild of my old candle fire set up. the rendering is really fast with mental ray.
now i´ll start to build some scripts for perfect controll of the fire movements.

smoke test

here is a little test with simple partilce-2d.sprites and the new renderman version…
the sprites render very fast and without clipping like the hardware render in maya… cool!

explosion renderings


here are same screens from one of episode i´ve worked the “Captian Scarlet(2005)” show.
my job on this episode “war at end of the world” was same Particlestuff (explosion, snow) and comping 27 minutes with another friend in 6 weeks.

mine explosion

i´ve added 2 different kind of a mine-explosion…. that´s i´ve done for the cgi series “captian scarlet (2005)”….

sprites explosion test

done in combustion 2.0


destructionFX back to gaya

The destruction of an hotel building was done in maya and lightwave by my workmade pierre and me.

marine fight test sequence

this look/render – test for short movie



here a shot for the movie “back to gaya” aka “buu sino and the schurks”. this shot does it not made into the movie.

look and feel of gaya-world

the for look-development of “back to gaya” aka “buu,sino and the schurks” done by pierre and me.

smoke avalanche

explode volumetrics