volume rays in Nuke -stereo approved

sometimes in vfx world you need volume rays in a shot. it could really difficult to render this in 3d application like maya or houdini. there fast and easy to use volume rays in nuke. with few tricks you can make them work in stereo.

first you have to do, render white retangle in 3d app with your shot camera. in nuke you can track for each eye (left and right) the corner of the retangle. this way you get a perfect motion path.

with ctrl-click you connect the tracker information to left and right center transform of the “volume ray” node. this will give correct stereo volume rays.

using inverted mask from correct rendered character / forground elements —> the volume ray node give good stereo holdouts.

if use noise node in nuke to feed you feed volume rays. you connect the tracker-node to tranform-settings of you noise. it will give a stereo approved noise. you can animate the noise in nuke, this will give almost realtime feedback volume ray animation. see example movie.

its much faster way to work, if you need simple go rays.

Snowtrails displacement Setup with Modo

its simple test for mud and snowtrails. i trying to recreate to old “renderman-deepopacity-displacement trick”.
instead of using a displacement shader with craps depth-information from a light. i rendering sperate passes and use nuke with timeecho node and expressions to create a animated displacement maps for the trails.


p style=”text-align:center;”>i am trying to create with python a one-renderpass workflow like with the smart rendermanshader setup in maya


p style=”text-align:center;”>the displacment map out of nuke

animated fake 3d Tree

for research i´ve made a research for generating 3d-tree´s in a compostingsoftware like nuke. i have compine classic game-3d-multiplane with nuke 3d-displacements nodes and for tree wind motion i had used a default grid wrap node.

now i can build my “forest”-gizmo for easily generate a 3d-forest/tree “on the fly” in 3d compositings including a soft fake-trees-shadow and fast relighting/shading feature. the rendertime are not so good (3-4 sec per frame in PAL) i´ll want export the data to maya and renderman how can render the tree pass faster and more features like deep shadows.

and this here is orginal “source” image….

waterfall 2.5

finally, i had finished sets of the nodes in nuke for my waterfalls. i can change the look of the waterfalls in realtime and place it in the 3d space in nuke. so i can fly around in 3d-space and place so many waterfalls i want… the rendertime takes about 5 seconds in nuke (incl. displacments) with this different waterrfalls. (all created with same base-layer).

waterfall 3d to 2d to 3d


p style=”text-align:center;”>here is a little test…. the waterfall rendered by my toolbox in maya as texture and projected and displaced in nuke on a plane… it works for a couple of shots….. fast and easy…. good base for 3d matte paintings… for the closer shots into the waterfall i´ll need detail rendering direct out of maya and renderman

waterfall mattepainting WIP 2

here another wip from my research-project…this (6K x 4k) 3d-matte painting and includes:

-one 2D animated matte paint (10k x 2k)
-one 2D still matte paint.
-five 3D rendered animated waterfall texture (2k x 1K)
-two real footage animated water-texture

there are lots of displaced objects in the 3d-space of nuke and workflow is still fast !

concept matte painting

here is quick test for concept 3d-matte painting…
the concept-painting was created by a great artist at softmachine, my job was to transform the painting into 3d and add the waterfall in the background.

i´ve created a little mask for the painting and projected and displaced it on a plane with
nuke´s 3d-features to create a more dynamic 3d-feeling picture in the camera movement.

the waterfall created in 10 mintes with default-settings of my dynamic-scripts (maya and renderman).

and here the lowres video:

here is behind the scene of the stereo comp:

waterfall mattepainting WIP

here ia another wip… a screeshot form the squence in nuke. its a 3d-composting, the plan to get a nice moving camera.. its a nice project to level up my skills of the 3d-features in nuke…
anyway, animated displaced surfaces in nuke are rocks !

here is a quick preview video

waterfall toolbox

i am finish my waterfall-toolbox in maya…. and i´ve got now a rendered sequence.
now i am trying to get my waterfall into a mattepainting…
here is the first wip…. i have to work on the waterfoam…
check the mov file

night to day composit

i´ve playing around with a new software and the colour grading tools….
here is little tests making night to a day scene…
a quickt test (colourgrading and re-colouring) …. the codec makes artifacts,because the orginal material quality is too bad.

new gizmo’s for nuke

i have created new gizmo.
first one:lens distortion filter which zoom pixel like a loupe. and with some controls for glass lens distortion.there is also optional a simple loupe shading but is really basic, its beta
you can download it here or at fxshare.com

the scenond one: similar with the common node in apple’s shake. and i also added some extra controls for finetunning.you can download it here or at fxshare.com