fractal week 6

General / 25 September 2020

glass absorption

General / 19 September 2020

rendered with Indigo renderer

marble rendertest

General / 11 September 2020

Inspired by great Marble renders and Shader hack by Lee Griggs. I’ve decided to recreate some tricks with different render engines, a little render Comparison.

The basic idea, using a glass shader for outter shell and an inner sphere with textured volume to fake depth. this way, you will save a lots of work with actually modeling the inner part of a marble. Spectral renderer don’t use this kind of trickery they can actully the inner part as real glass medium (using textures).

I’ve use Cycles (Blender), Renderman, Arnold, Octane and Indigo Renderer. I’ve tried to create a Marvel in Redshift, but i could make it work with single texture and 2 spheres. For Redshift you need actually model a marvel to get realistic rendering.

the spectral render engines was the fastest by far. that’s because with spectral render I used a medium instead of volume for interia, that’s saves a lot of render time.

here is quick test with single glass object with Indigo and Cycles :

this here are glass spheres with regular solid texture spheres inside:

gafferCycles test

General / 10 September 2020

After a while, I’ve started to pick up GafferCycles. Its an openSource integration of Blender’s Cycles render engine into Gafferhq. (written by Boberfly). i am using the free camera model from 3d Model Haven.

so far the Test looks pretty promising, also discovered some bugs which reported. I can’t to try on more complex scenes.

fractal world 5

General / 09 September 2020

fractal world 4

General / 31 August 2020

fractal world 3

General / 25 August 2020

fractals world 1

General / 17 August 2020

arnold6 USD tests

General / 08 July 2020

I am testing new Arnold6 native USD support. Fist time to pixel is super fast, 2-3 seconds on arnold6 CPU with 1 million splines USD asset 8 sec. on Arnold6 GPU in Houdini and Gaffer.

Its a shame, that’s Autodesk HtoA plugin is is unusable. interactive rendering does not takes any updates, except shader values changes and light exposure changes. Also, Arnold6 GPU have big render artifacts with spline render mode set to “Thick”. what it look likes a cool shader, are actually render artefacts.

also arnold6 GPU renders 5 times slower then CPU version as soon i turn on SSS or transmission. ( quadro RTX5000 vs Xeon 6 core at 2.4 GHz )

Gaffer make over

General / 08 July 2020

i am starting to use Image Engine Gaffer (opensource software) for some private projects. but vanilla version of the software is quite naked and not very user friendly, so i decided to pimp the software with my own extensions.

first step, pimp the node icon’s and make it 4k screen ready.