General / 18 May 2021

starting to do some doodles again.  10 minutes in artrage, no undo's no layers.

alien landscape update

General / 08 April 2021

fractal landscapes rendering in AnroldGPU (pure beauty pass) it looks like an alien world or quantum realm world. i even add astronaut and mars rover in there, if you can spot them.

full render frames:

playing color correction

refracting light

General / 01 April 2021

try simulate light refraction inside Arnold. Arnold has only Spectral refraction. the result is not physically accurate like you have in Indigorender.
but it look cool and its renders so much faster !

Alien fractal Landscape

General / 30 March 2021

I starting dig up old projects  and scenes i 've finished.  the idea this Project was to take my Fractals and scatter it into a landscapes.  the goal is create a "real" alien landscape. I was looking into "alien landscape" art, but there much to find on the Internet. most alien landscape art is quite earth-like with uber-epics rocks formation or giant Mushroom. the closed thing i found was from games like "no Mans Sky", Ratchet&Clank or Starlink.   

so, here we go here one attempt on alien landscape. the camera flight is rendered with 5000 splines primitives done in Arnold renderer.
quick and dirty work in progress!

here some updated beauty renderings:  (all one single renderpass)

crystal rendering with spectral light

General / 25 March 2021

I though I try an experiment and taking my crystal into Indigo renderer.  its work in progress . the crystal is "crystal" clear, but for "real world" crystal I need random scattering at bottom. I will look into Indigo's shader language.

BiDirectional MTL:

GPU  pathtracing :

back to BiDirectional MTL rendering:

sun simulation with nbody Physics

General / 22 March 2021

having some fun with particles....

birth of a massive star. for my little #astrophysics exploration, i’ve created a star simulation using openCL in houdini. its based on nbody #physics model, only driven by #gravity. using #nvidia #quadro rtx 5000 #arnoldrender. 

the colours are not quite right, I am trying to integrate kelvin colour temperature.  the current colour is based on density and speed.  

In this simulation, I assumed  48% amount of negative gravity to fill the mystery of dark matter. I used 1 million nbodies for the simulation.  for the steps, I am planning to add finer particle streams to get more details.

rendering  large of amount of particle with a pathtracer is hard.

working now version with way more Particles and details. hopefully, i will able to share something soon

his is older version of earlier state of the nBody System i've build

5th dimension cube for print

General / 21 March 2021

i've rendered my hypercube in 8kx8k for a nice large print. its took a lots hours but its worth it.  rendered in Ingiorenderer

you can grap your print from artstation if you like !

crystal rendering

General / 18 November 2020

more testing new Nested Dielectrics inside Anrold renderer

crystal shading

General / 12 November 2020

testing new Nested Dielectrics inside Anrold renderer

Arnold Caustics shader

General / 22 October 2020

playing with idea to use the dot product of incoming ray and surface normal to generate superfast fake caustic’s

here are some tests: