Heribert Raab is a digital artist and technical director. He is writing/scripting software, light and render shots, create simulation for water/fire elements and all kind of Effects .  He worked in New Zealand on James Cameron “Avatar” as an Effects Lead, a long, great and fun project !  He have worked for companies like Industrial Light & Magic,Weta Digital, Dreamworks Animation, Animal Logic, Digital Domain or Sony Imageworks.

german (native)
english (kind of fluent)
portugese (in progress)

Software Skills:
3D-Packages: Houdini, Maya, Katana, Gaffer, Blender, Modo
Rendering: Arnold, Renderman, V-Ray, indigo, Cycles
2D Software: Nuke, Photoshop,
Coding: Swift,Python, Mel, Java, Linux shell, OSL, C++, openCL


may 2016 – Adept Magazine Artist
may 2016 – 80 Level

december 2016 – featured Artist  on Gridmarkets


heribertraab (at) gmail.com