sun simulation with nbody Physics

General / 22 March 2021

having some fun with particles....

birth of a massive star. for my little #astrophysics exploration, i’ve created a star simulation using openCL in houdini. its based on nbody #physics model, only driven by #gravity. using #nvidia #quadro rtx 5000 #arnoldrender. 

the colours are not quite right, I am trying to integrate kelvin colour temperature.  the current colour is based on density and speed.  

In this simulation, I assumed  48% amount of negative gravity to fill the mystery of dark matter. I used 1 million nbodies for the simulation.  for the steps, I am planning to add finer particle streams to get more details.

rendering  large of amount of particle with a pathtracer is hard.

working now version with way more Particles and details. hopefully, i will able to share something soon

his is older version of earlier state of the nBody System i've build